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Monday, May 24, 2010

Crystal Gifts You Can Monogram

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Crystal is one of the most common and yet unique wedding gifts a couple can recieve.  Whether you choose crystal that has a monogram or it beautiful lead crystal  with decorative cuts these are items the bride and groom will use on special occasions or to make an occasion special throughout their married lives. 

Crystal Brandy Snifters

Monogrammed Hi-Ball Glasses, Set of 4

Riedel O Series Pinot Glasses, Monogrammed Set of 2

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Silver Gifts but No Tarnish!

Beatriz Ball makes lustrous designs in alternative metals. Her pieces are crafted individually and are easy to care for. They can go from refrigerator, to oven, to table.  A perfect accent piece for today's casual lifestyle. Made from an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy. Ideal for chilling foods, or to warm them up to 325 degrees. Handmade gifts are a true luxury.  These never tarnish and are easy to care for, just wash by hand.  Please do not use a dishwasher or leave food stored on them.  Don't soak for long periods, just quickly wash and dry.  Don't cut on these beautiful surfaces or they will be damaged.  Easy online shopping for the busy guest!