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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hand-Painted Eco-Friendly Tuscan Salad Bowl from Woodward and Charles

This rich looking salad bowl from the Saigon Series is engraved and hand painted. It is made from eco-friendly and safe rubberwood. Please handwash to preserve the hand painting. The bowl measures 12" x 4.5" and can be ordered from Woodard and Charles' web site. Perfect for those nights you're serving spaghetti or other Italian foods. Top your salad with some juicy black olives and feta to offset the design and color of the bowl.

Handblown Glasses For Martinis -- Top Gift at Crate and Barrel

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel at

Enjoy the look of your favorite upscale martini bar in your own home. Serve your favorite martini in these two part handblown martini glasses, add ice to the bottom to keep your drink ice cold no matter how long you sip on it. Also use for serving appetizers like shrimp cocktail, caviar or ceviche. Easy online ordering available. Crate and Barrel makes your wedding gift giving fast and easy.