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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hand-Painted Eco-Friendly Tuscan Salad Bowl from Woodward and Charles

This rich looking salad bowl from the Saigon Series is engraved and hand painted. It is made from eco-friendly and safe rubberwood. Please handwash to preserve the hand painting. The bowl measures 12" x 4.5" and can be ordered from Woodard and Charles' web site. Perfect for those nights you're serving spaghetti or other Italian foods. Top your salad with some juicy black olives and feta to offset the design and color of the bowl.

Handblown Glasses For Martinis -- Top Gift at Crate and Barrel

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel at

Enjoy the look of your favorite upscale martini bar in your own home. Serve your favorite martini in these two part handblown martini glasses, add ice to the bottom to keep your drink ice cold no matter how long you sip on it. Also use for serving appetizers like shrimp cocktail, caviar or ceviche. Easy online ordering available. Crate and Barrel makes your wedding gift giving fast and easy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keepsake Tiles by Sadie Ryan

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Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles are unique gifts and the perfect way to display a copy of the invitation to your wedding.  Her tiles are crafted by hand using the age old practice of sand casting.  This process results in an antique white finish that is a perfect foil for your wedding invitation.  Each tile has a design at the edge to highlight your invitation information.  At this time they offer The Fleur-de-lis & Scroll Antique Finish shown on their web site. Tiles come in two sizes: 8.75 x 7 inches or 10.75 x 6.5 inches. If there is some information you do not want on your tile, talk to them when you place your order and they will try to accomodate you.  The stand is sold separately, but this makes the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds. They also do birth announcements and baby tiles. 

Nambé Butterfly Salad Bowl

Photo courtesy of George Watts' Web Site at

George Watts and Sons sell this salad bowl and servers that lend "serene beauty to fresh greens and ensures breezy functionality for the cook. With sweeping upward lines, a scooped interior, and a trim foot, this acacia wood bowl features a compelling grain and an undulating rim. On the servers, elongated handles and subtle curves make tossing and serving both elegant and efficient."  This bowl and servers make the perfect gift for the bride and groom and will last a lifetime. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Waterford In Black

Waterford Black Glass Bowl (Photo courtesy of

Waterford Crystal has collaborated with acclaimed European fashion designer, John Rocha, to create his signature crystal collection. Rocha's crystal is described as "the perfect balance of texture, form and detail bringing both brilliance and simple beauty to any space -- whether through stemware or a single dramatic piece."  The Waterford Black Cut collection includes black cased crystal with clear diamond cutting that make a uniquely strong impression on the viewer.  This makes a great gift for the bride and groom who love black or who enjoy art glass.

Brass and Copper Ice Bucket and Tongs

Photo and product courtesy of:

Copper Gifts online store offers this solid copper ice bucket with tongs by Old Dutch which comes with a heavy white plastic lining and a separate raised plastic insert. The tongs and the top knob are made out of brass.  Priced at a reasonable $44.00 plus shipping and handling.  Copper is a gift that lasts a lifetime with proper care.  Copper Gifts also offers copper and brass care products.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michael Wainwright "Truro" All Gold Small Bowl

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Michael Wainwright has been creating elegant porcelain since 1991. His pieces are is kiln fired porcelain that is fired at least three times.  No two pieces are exactly alike. His items are glazed by hand and fired to nearly 2200 degrees F., and 22-karat gold or platinum is hand painted on and then each piece is fired in a kiln one more time, resulting in a finish that is dishwasher-safe.  These make wonderful one of a kind wedding gifts sure to please even the most discriminating bride.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Picnic Baskets For Romantic Picnics For Two

If you are looking for a romantic wedding gift for the bride and groom nothing could be better than either of  these attractive, well designed picnic baskets designed for the bride and groom to take on a 'date' after they get married.  The items can be purchased at   The top basket is meant for a special wine and cheese picnic so it comes complete with 2 handblown wine glasses (8 oz.), 1 nickel-plated bottle stopper with real cork, 1 stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew, 1 hardwood cutting board (6 x 6"), 1 stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle, and 2 napkins. 

The  2nd basket called the Piccadilly Picnic Basket is reminiscent of simpler times, when picnics were grand affairs and life was slower so you had the time to enjoy them to the fullest. This red and white plaid willow basket measures 16" long and has a picnic service for two. Included are 2 plates (melamine, 8", white), 2 wine glasses, 2 sets of cutlery, and 1 waiter-style corkscrew. It features a matching roll-up flatware pouch.

Both of these baskets offer the bride and groom a chance to slow down and take the time to enjoy each other.

A Gift That Is A Reflection of Nature

This copper-coated Nambé Alloy with clear protective coating make this bowl a feast for the eyes.  It was designed by Lisa Smith who was inspired by her travels to the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon and others. Those canyons are carved from water and wind. This bowl reflects the coppery sand and the desert flora,  The manufacturer notes: "Due to subtly varying verdigris (green patina), each piece is unique, a sculpture of contrasting color and texture. Measuring 4.5 inches in diameter and standing 2.5 inches high (13-inch, 10-inch and 7-inch diameter versions also available), this round bowl exemplifies the collection's drama. Designer Lisa Smith scallops the rim in a symmetrical pattern, and emphasizes the scallops' rhythm with ridged, wave-like verdigris sloping down to the bowl's flat bottom. A smooth band at the top glows with copper's pure warmth. Copper Canyon pieces are made of our signature Nambé Alloy coated with copper for heirloom-quality durability. A clear protective coating makes upkeep as simple as wiping with a damp or soapy cloth and reduces the need for polishing."  This gift is perfect for the bride and groom who enjoy the out of doors and hiking.  It's reflection of the beauty of nature makes it a wonderful gift to give to a couple on their special day. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crystal Gifts You Can Monogram

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Crystal is one of the most common and yet unique wedding gifts a couple can recieve.  Whether you choose crystal that has a monogram or it beautiful lead crystal  with decorative cuts these are items the bride and groom will use on special occasions or to make an occasion special throughout their married lives. 

Crystal Brandy Snifters

Monogrammed Hi-Ball Glasses, Set of 4

Riedel O Series Pinot Glasses, Monogrammed Set of 2

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Silver Gifts but No Tarnish!

Beatriz Ball makes lustrous designs in alternative metals. Her pieces are crafted individually and are easy to care for. They can go from refrigerator, to oven, to table.  A perfect accent piece for today's casual lifestyle. Made from an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy. Ideal for chilling foods, or to warm them up to 325 degrees. Handmade gifts are a true luxury.  These never tarnish and are easy to care for, just wash by hand.  Please do not use a dishwasher or leave food stored on them.  Don't soak for long periods, just quickly wash and dry.  Don't cut on these beautiful surfaces or they will be damaged.  Easy online shopping for the busy guest!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Venetian Glass for the Newlyweds

Venetian-Style Champagne Flutes and glasses make beautiful and useful gifts for the bride and groom. offers the following great selections, all under $100.  Napa Style offers you a great option for serving champagn in these exquisite stemless champagne flutes that have their own unique sparkle. Each glass has a different design and is an elegant way to serve champagne or sparkling wines. Set of six for $69.00.

Venetian-Style Goblets & Champagne Flutes are lightweight and are a beautiful addition to your parties.  You can use them for wine, cocktails or for pretty desserts.  These glasses all have hollow stems and have carefully applied glass dot beads to add detail.  Set of four $89.00. has other partyware as well, so check out their website and browse for gifts. also offers Venetian Style Wine Tumblers for just $59.00.  If the bride loves mixing and matching these glasses are a great choice.  Each tumbler has it's own distinct personality but they blend together for elegant entertaining.  Perfect for lunch or brunch.  Set of 6 - 6 oz. tumblers.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the Glass Lover

Glassybaby is physically a small, colored, glass cup, candleholder, or vase. But the light of a candle coming through a generates more; it gives warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world.  It can be used to drink out of or as a vase.  Although each glassybaby is $40. they are handblown glass and come in a wide variety of colors.  They are perfect for the candle lover or the couple who like a modern but minimalist look.  Use glassybabies alone or in groups.  It's a wonderful way to start a lifelong collection of this beautiful but useful glass.  Their web site is  Glassybaby also has a rental program so if you'd like to use them at a big event (like your wedding or shower) check their web site.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nature's Notebook Custom Seaside Photographs

Photographer Courtney Noelle has taken her photographic skills and offers you a unique wedding gift for the bride and groom. It's a photo that has both the bride and groom's names elegantly written in the sand with a heart connecting them or any other romantic message you choose for them. The constantly changing nature of the ocean and beach makes each photo a unique work of art. Noelle inscribes you names on the beaches of Southern California, and captures it in a photo that will not wash away. Your 8x10 custom photo is shipped from artist studio. You can choose a black and white photo or color. Then choose your frame color black, white, or silver. A number of options are availabe. To see this great gift and order for your favorite bride and groom go to:

Welcome to Gifts For The Newlyweds

I've been working on my wedding blogs for some time now and periodically run across some great gift ideas.  So I thought I'd share them with you and yours.  You cannot purchase these items through my blog, but I will provide the link to the web site that will let you make a purchase.  There's nothing I like more than helping other people spend their money! So get out that checkbook, that wallet or (if needed that credit card) and let's go spend some dough!