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Monday, July 23, 2012

Unusual Wedding Gift

I have to admit, now I've seen it all! This wedding gift takes branding to the extreme! Louis V waffles? I must say I am...SPEECHLESS! And you all know how hard that is for me!

I understand the heart-shaped waffle makers, but why anyone needs one of these is beyond me. But if you know a bride who loves this brand I guess it's the perfect wedding gift! Louis V Waffle Maker by Andrew Lewicki.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What Are Smart Brides Adding To Their Registry?

What are smart and health conscious brides adding to their bridal registry? ActiFry! In my opinion, ActiFry is the one new appliance (brought to you by the people at T-Fal), that no modern health conscious kitchen should be without.

Actifry makes 'frying' food faster, easier and healthier(using little or no oil) (1 Tablespoon!) Get fried food taste without deep fat frying. Instead ActiFry uses a new and patented technology with forced hot air and constant stirring with a paddle for perfect cooking everytime. It can decrease fat grams in some recipes from 14 gms. to 3 or 4gms. Impressive! See how it works!
A WDW Production by Nancy Vecchione

Doesn't that look easy? Perfect for the new bride who is a beginner in the kitchen (or the groom for that matter!) Look for giveaways by googling  'Actifry Giveaway' and maybe you'll even win one for your own kitchen!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding Gift Shopping

Shopping for wedding gifts can be ... boring. Everyone has a registry filled with china and crystal, or worse yet a vacuum! Or they have let it be known they would prefer cash. (Yes I know, there are those of you who say cash is never boring, but giving it as a gift is, at least for me!)

I love giving a wedding gift that on the couple's 25th anniversary they'll say, I remember, we got this from our wedding from ... Wouldn't that be nice?  Nicer than a check that you'll spend nearly as fast as it hits the bank?

Last night I found my new 'in place' to shop for wedding gifts, (Or for gifts of almost any kind!), a boutique called Free Reign, located on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken PA (just off the Blue Rt. (Rt. 476.) If I'm going to shop 'off registry' Free Reign is the place to go!

I only found it because I went to a blogger event sponsored by Joey Fortman (the host of BenFM's Real Mom Radio, catered by Dimeo Pizza Kitchen (who believe me, doesn't make JUST pizza!)

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the smell of Dimeo's best pasta and pizza and the sight of a gift for every occasion! But most importantly, WEDDING GIFTS! Memorable wedding gifts.

Free Reign Boutique has created a world where personal, home and gifts all come together. They combine the best of jewelry, apparel, bags, tabletop and fragrance in a place where discovery is around every corner. For wedding, or even shower gifts, you will have no trouble finding that special gift.  Looking for that unique gift, for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other occasion (don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up soon!) Head to Free Reign, where your only problem will be making a decision on what to buy! (Or not to buy!)

***Attending a party at this boutique meant I received some form of compensation. This did not effect my opinions as stated anywhere in this post.