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Friday, June 1, 2012

What Are Smart Brides Adding To Their Registry?

What are smart and health conscious brides adding to their bridal registry? ActiFry! In my opinion, ActiFry is the one new appliance (brought to you by the people at T-Fal), that no modern health conscious kitchen should be without.

Actifry makes 'frying' food faster, easier and healthier(using little or no oil) (1 Tablespoon!) Get fried food taste without deep fat frying. Instead ActiFry uses a new and patented technology with forced hot air and constant stirring with a paddle for perfect cooking everytime. It can decrease fat grams in some recipes from 14 gms. to 3 or 4gms. Impressive! See how it works!
A WDW Production by Nancy Vecchione

Doesn't that look easy? Perfect for the new bride who is a beginner in the kitchen (or the groom for that matter!) Look for giveaways by googling  'Actifry Giveaway' and maybe you'll even win one for your own kitchen!