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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hatch My House - A Gift Registry With A Difference

Gift registries traditionally contain china, kitchen or household items, linens and an assortment of other items.  But what to do for the bride and groom who've been living on their own for years and have everything they need for their home? 

Hatch My House (HMH) is an online gift registry where anyone can sign up for FREE.  Design 'your house' and start saving towards a down payment, home improvements or furniture in a fun and interactive way.  You can actually note if you are saving for furniture or improvements on your existing home or if you're saving toward a down payment on a new home.  Your guests can donate a dollar amount toward a new front door or new windows or maybe a new washing machine! Practical yes.  But certainly a great idea.

The site serves more than 330 accounts and has already hosted more than 1000 transactions with a dollar total of $150,000 collectively. Hatch My House has been featured on and in Brides magazine.

No more worrying about sending china that gets broken in transit or choosing a gift the bride and groom might never use.  Hatch My House uses Paypal, a safe and simple way to have your house fund grow, with the knowledge that all transactions are safe.  Your gift sent via Paypal is 'safe as houses.' 

If you're a bride or groom about to set up a gift registry and wondering how to gently nudge people toward a helping you buy a home instead of sending useless gifts or duplicating items you already have Hatch My House is a good option. 

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